junio 16, 2019

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Four out of every ten inhabitants of the street in Colombia are children; about 976 children and adolescents remained in our country in a street situation during 2017 ”.

The reality of hundreds of children is undoubtedly difficult, dangerous and full of challenges. The daily life for many of them becomes a struggle for survival.

Sexual exploitation, child labor, drug use, violence and lack of parents are some of the problems faced by street children in Pereira, Risaralda; place where Jimmy Abello, a social entrepreneur, dreamer and lover of life today does a wonderful job.

Jimmy was a street dweller and better than anyone to understand the problem and find a solution for all those who sleep under the bridges today.

Jimmy, created the MALABAREANDO LAS CALLES project. A venture that looks for children in street situations and shows them new life options through art, music, dances, sewing, yoga, literature, among others.

This project, which existed approximately three years ago, has changed the life and future of hundreds of children who lived in the streets of Pereira. Jimmy, or better known for his 217 children of Malabareando the streets, such as: «El cucho», looks for these children in the streets and takes them to ‘The House of Dreams’ a place created as a space of peace and love, to instill hope in these children who do not know a reality other than danger, abuse, the street.

“Jimmy par mi is a hero without a cape, because thanks to his work many children have a life project today,” says Daniel Suárez, educator at La casa de los Sueños.

«Jimmy is the dad I never had, he has always been there for me,» Dahiana Salgado.

Like them, hundreds of children are grateful to “El cucho” for the immense work they do daily and without rest. To rescue children from the street is to snatch hearts from violence and provide a new opportunity to build a more just society.

The children that Jimmy rescues daily are between the ages of 20 days old and 24 years old.

Today, we want to highlight the work of this entrepreneur who has not only painted with light the hearts of hundreds of Malbareando boys and girls, Jimmy also has a biological son and adopted a girl. A man with a heart of gold who does not know selfishness and gave himself the task of being a father, one by choice, committed, dreamer, worker. An example for many parents in Colombia.

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