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We sign a pact against sexual exploitation

27 September, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

Within the framework of the Third Public Hearing on the fight against trafficking of persons and the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, organized by the Procuraduría General in Cali, RECON joined and signed the Great pact for the eradication of trafficking in persons and the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.

This pact shows the clear and express willingness of those signing, to comply with the obligations set forth in the national legal order and the different international treaties, to effectively guarantee the rights of children and adolescents to effectively combat trafficking in persons and sexual exploitation.

Likewise, it commits the parties to advance specific actions articulated in the matter of prevention, attacking causes and determining factors for these crimes, to work in the constant prevention and with a differentiated perspective of human rights and a gender approach. This pact seeks the joint work of civil society, private enterprise, government and international cooperation.

The pact was also signed by the United Nations Against Drugs and Crime UNODC, Unicef, Procurador General, El Tiempo, No es Hora de Callar, Gobernación del Valle, Gobernación Nariño, Gobernación Chocó, National Institute of Forensic Medicine, among others.

The Procurador General, Fernando Carrillo, stated that trafficking with persons and commercial sexual exploitation is “A scourge that affects the most vulnerable communities and that has been perpetuated due to the lack of coordinated efforts. Immediate and articulated actions are required to neutralize this organized crime.”

Likewise, he assured that the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is a criminal activity that constitutes one of the most lucrative businesses after the trafficking of narcotics and weapons. So far in 2018 there is evidence of 1,399 cases of children sexually exploited, said the head of the Public Ministry.

Director of RECON Andres Santamaria said that there is a widespread feeling that prosecution does not happen in the country and impunity prevails against this type of crime. “We need more official experts in this type of issues, not only from the Police and the Prosecutor, but in general in each of the State entities that help to fight against this scourge.”

Santamaría participated in the public hearing as moderator of the panel: “Response of the institutions to commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and the trafficking of persons for these purposes” in which Carlos Eduardo Valdés, director of Legal Medicine, participated as did General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia Director of Criminal Investigation and Interpol and Mario Gómez Jiménez, Delegate Prosecutor for crimes against childhood and adolescence and Juliana Pungilluppi, Director of ICBF.