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A second opportunity through tourism

3 April, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

Is it possible to travel through a Colombia in peace? Many people ask it daily. Many risk doing it, others never try. The truth is that our country has countless and beautiful destinations that deserve to be visited and discovered. We have the highest rates of variety in fauna and flora in the world. Colombia is undoubtedly a country with magic that is being wasted.

Luisa Romero, thought about it, she doubted it, but at last she was encouraged to propose an idea that would transform the way of seeing tourism in Colombia; that is how Get Up and Go Colombia, a Cauca organization, promoted tourism in affected areas, through activities and projects with the participation of professionals and young bilinguals victims of the armed conflict, young people of the LGTBI community and, soon, ex-combatants of armed groups contributing to the construction of peace based on diversity and inclusion.

Get Up And Go Colombia has as a dream to give a second chance to ex-combatants of armed groups so they can become the best bilingual guides in the same regions in which the armed conflict left its mark, changing the bad reputation of these places by stories that allow us to believe and create the new history of our country.

Leader and co-founder

Luisa Romero, is a young woman of only 24 years of age, a social entrepreneur, promoter of dreams and creator of ideas. Passionate about languages, tourism, technology and social work. Led the Human Talent and Marketing areas of the world organization of university students “AIESEC” in the local committee of the city of Popayán, Colombia during the years 2013 and 2014 respectively.

She has carried out different voluntary projects with a high social impact, among which are the Pubús Quebrada Project led by the YMCA in Popayán, Colombia and the Smarketing Project in the NGO Instituto Luiz Braille in Vitória, Brazil. She participated actively for 4 years in a summer camp for children in New York, United States promoting the cultural wealth of this country and developing new opportunities for social innovation.

In 2016, the Innovagen Foundation recognized her as a woman leader and ambassador of the fight against cervical cancer in the department of Cauca, Colombia. She also held administrative positions during the years 2015 and 2016 in the Educational Corporation of the Colombian Southwest CESCO, where she involved Bilingualism as the fundamental tool for social and educational development.

She is an empowered woman, an invisible protagonist, who has built and left a legacy in every place through which she passes. Transforming realities and building dreams. She believed in the importance of spreading tourism as a means to contribute to the country’s economy and generating work for many people who have been victims of a war in which various armed actors have come together over the years. Luisa, decided to create a company for tourism and second chances.

She has been a very active young woman and in spite of her young age she was also a fellow of the YLAI 2017 program (Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative) program for young entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean of the United States government.

In addition, she was one of the 7 winners of the “Chalmers Global Challenge” program of the Chalmers Technological University in Sweden aimed at leading engineers from around the world.

She is an Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications from Universidad del Cauca and works as Project Director of her organization Get up and go Colombia, with which she hopes to continue contributing to the change, the reactivation of tourism in Colombia and the generation of employment for victims of the conflict.

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