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U. Externado will strengthen RECON initiatives

15 June, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

Externado University and its SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT invited four RECON social entrepreneurs to take the EMI (Emerging Market Initiatives) course that seeks responsible development through a new generation of leaders. The EMI program is the result of years of training of young professionals to carry out consultancy work for new or emerging market businesses in Colombia.

To start this alliance between RECON and Externado University, which will strengthen social entrepreneurship initiatives for development, a presentation was made at the beginning:

José Alexander Mosquera Manchola, Coordinator of the Emerging Market Initiatives – School of Management, and three teachers of the program; Andrés Santamaria, Director of RECON and his team. Everyone listened to each of the social entrepreneurs, in order to know their projects and analyze their strengths and weaknesses as part of the initial process of the program.

Many of the participants come from Harvard Business School, New York University, Columbia University, University of St. Gallen, INSEAD Business School, University College of London, among other universities of high prestige and academic recognition in the world.

The program has four lines of work: The sponsors plan, BOP Challenge (Bottom of the Pyramid), First step in CSR, EMI Workshops. The four selected social entrepreneurs will take the BOP Challenge program, which consists of guiding small businesses so that they can offer products and services that allow them to be the base of the pyramid in the markets.

The four social entrepreneurs were selected by RECON under criteria of innovation and viability of sustainability in their projects. Those selected to take this program were: Lina Camargo, on behalf of KITSMILE; Linda Castro on behalf of TEJIENDO UN PAÍS, Stiven Orlando Rojas with RECYAPP and Jonathan Franco of H2O y Vida. The program will start next Monday, June 18.

This new and important alliance symbolizes for RECON a great contribution in the work of joining efforts for the preparation of social entrepreneurs that can transform realities to build a different future.