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Social technology at the service of the community

1 April, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

Learn about the three finalist initiatives in the Technology and Communications category and you will discover what social entrepreneurs are doing to put technologies and communications at the service of the community to create opportunities that allow transforming realities to build a different future.

During the voting process, in this category a total of 28,770 votes were registered from Colombians who supported the 10 initiatives that sought to be finalists, at the end of the process the three most voted were:

-Tierra Grata de Cartagena, Bolívar (6,774 votes)

-Digital accessibility for all of Medellín, Antioquia (6.045 votes)

– KitSmile from Bogotá DC (5,482 votes)

Now these three initiatives hope to be winners, and on March 21 at a grand recognition ceremony the winner will be known according to the decision taken by the jury of qualification based on the criteria of social impact, creativity, innovation and participation.

We invite you to know each one of the initiatives:

Tierra Grata

Tierra Grata is an organization that guarantees access to basic water, energy and sanitation services to rural communities with difficult access to these services, through social technologies that are replicable, easy to install and friendly to the environment. In a process of social intervention, they are delivered to the community turning them into self-managers of their own solutions.

Accesibilidad digital para todos

The Digital Accessibility platform will provide free access to thousands of contents that improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. We overcome the barrier of ignorance by sharing knowledge in videos and PDF teaching for the proper treatment of people with disabilities, braille, sign language, use of specialized free software and teaching how to develop adaptations and home-made technical aids.

The high cost barrier is won by sharing content for free, using only free software and replacing expensive specialized devices and imported technical aids with low cost home solutions that can be made by anyone using simple tools and materials that are easily achieved locally.

This is supported in parallel by a series of face-to-face workshops in specific regions to train teachers, parents and other community leaders through training of trainers who can replicate what has been learned, continuing with our support and advice through virtual means, but with the infrastructure so that they themselves meet the needs of people with disabilities


In Colombia there are 300,000 children with cerebral palsy of which 70% are children of low income who cannot access a dignified rehabilitation, worsening their lives and leading to death at an early age.

In KitSmile we designed the first home rehabilitation kit for children with cerebral palsy which has an invention patent that is unique in the world. Thanks to sponsors we managed to take these kits to rural areas of Colombia creating an opportunity for rehabilitation in vulnerable families, and we train caregivers to learn to contribute to the development of the child and create a model of income generation at home that allows you to break poverty circles positively impacting your life, your environment and the future of your children.