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Technology for children with cerebral palsy

28 March, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

In Colombia there are 300,000 children with cerebral palsy, of which 70% are poor children who cannot access a proper rehabilitation, worsening their lives and leading to death at an early age. KitSmile designed the first home rehabilitation kit for children with cerebral palsy which has an invention patent, that is to say that it is unique in the world. Thanks to sponsors they managed to take these kits to rural areas of Colombia, creating an opportunity for rehabilitation in vulnerable families; additionally they trained the caretakers to learn to contribute to the development of the child and create a model of income generation at home that allows to break poverty circles positively impacting life, environment and the future of children.

KitSmile with this technological and social proposal received recognition as the best initiative of Social Entrepreneurship in the Technology and Communications category and now hopes to make its project more sustainable and continue to impact on the lives of these children and their families.

KitSmile wants you to support them to deliver 30 rehabilitation kits to children with cerebral palsy who have a waiting list, mainly in the department of Sucre, and provide training to their caregivers so they can support the children’s process, changing their lives.

Creator KitSmile

Leidy Cuestas is an Industrial Designer, she is 28 years old, she is a passionate woman in each of her activities, she considers herself creative and persistent, she seeks to break paradigms to do different things and innovate, she sees design as a tool to improve lives. And she has done it. A system was designed in which it could help thousands of disabled people to have a better quality of life. She has used this knowledge to help others and in such an individualistic society this gesture is much more than what can be expected. Our invisible hero has delivered kits so that many people can smile. When one smiles, they smile more and wellbeing and happiness become a viral chain.

From a young age she began to direct this knowledge in social aid to contribute and satisfy the existing needs of our country. Her inspiration has always been her family, the motor of her life and those who have taught her to fight for her goals. Her mother, Mrs. Blanca, taught her that he should always help the neediest without expecting anything in return. This is something she has taken into account in her daily life and has become a philosophy of life. She has three brothers: Edna, her twin sister, who has always supported her and given her the right words at the moment when she needed them the most. Her brother Michael and Valentina are people in whom she wants to instill the courage to help and change the life of the people.

She loves hiking with her dog, doing extreme sports, hanging out with friends and spending moments of complete tranquility and rest.

Leidy is an entrepreneur, founder of KITSMILE and together with her team she unites knowledge and efforts to develop products and services for people with disabilities and their families. She has a patent of invention and always seeks to convey to people that “from our knowledge we can improve lives.”