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Second training for social entrepreneurs

28 September, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

During four days, in the city of Bogotá, 25 RECON social entrepreneurs from different regions of the country participated in the second day of training for social ventures: “Strengthening the business model”.

In this space they received training in various topics such as: digital tools, business model, canvas analysis, market research, identification of competitive advantages, price definition, promotion, market and product and market measurement, with the purpose of helping them achieve profitability and sustainability. The workshops were facilitated by Impact Hub Bogotá, Athena and El Lab Coworking Cali.

María José Daza, National Officer of Programs of Transitional Justice and Humanitarian Assistance of the Embassy of Sweden in Colombia attended one of the conferences and stressed that ” For Sweden the territorial and gender approach is very important, and the redefining of the roles. In the initiatives of RECON, I see equity and diversity in the participation of men and women.”

Likewise, she pointed out that these training days were very timely, because “Social entrepreneurship is a new issue that is positioning itself in the public agenda and is a term that is confused with charity, although it may be that way, it must generate a profit, a sustainability and a social impact.”

Within the framework of the training day, RECON signed two strategic alliances, one with AEISEC to bring foreign students into internships in Colombia, so that they contribute to strengthening social entrepreneurship from different areas of knowledge and another with Impact Hub Bogotá and Athena for the creation of regional training days that bring tools to strengthen the business model of social enterprises.

Voices of social entrepreneurs

Natalia Ordóñez of Get Up and Go Colombia of Popayán, Cauca, said that “we learned to analyze who our competition is and what our market is, to identify what makes my project different, to organize all my market strategy to make a difference”.

Felipe Betancur social entrepreneur of Ayuda Para Todos in Medellin, Antioquia, indicated that “This day has been very productive and useful, it changes our vision, now we set other goals to be sustainable.”

On the other hand, Jonnatan Lopez of Indigenous Enterprising Communities for Peace of Mocoa, Putumayo, said that “we want to be sustainable in order to generate social transformations in our communities and from what we saw these days I got clear ideas of how to do this as a business, without losing the social approach.”

Jully Orozco of a Green Drop of Life, from Usiacurí, Atlántico, reflected on the mistakes made by social entrepreneurs with accounting and administrative issues due to ignorance.

Pedro Meza, from Chocolates Montes de María in San Jacinto, Bolívar said: “We learned that we have to sell a story behind the product and show what is behind our initiatives”

Nevis Cadenas, of Frutichar in El Charco, Nariño, indicated that the project had stopped, but thanks to RECON they had reactivated it and are working for its growth.