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RECON and Ruta N get Medellin to talk about social entrepreneurship for the construction of peace and development

30 November, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

RECON, a non-profit organization that identifies, supports and strengthens social entrepreneurship and peace building initiatives in Colombia and Ruta N, Medellin’s innovation and business center, which facilitates the economic evolution of the city towards intensive business in science, technology and innovation, in an inclusive and sustainable manner, held the forum “Social Entrepreneurship: A bet for the development of the country”.

Space in which Andrés Santamaría, director of RECON, presented the results of a report on the state of social entrepreneurship in the country, based on a survey of 500 social entrepreneurs from all regions. Wherein he stressed that the conditions of violence inspired 34% of social enterprises in the country and that 83% believe they contribute to the construction of peace.

Furthermore, Santamaría noted that more than 70% of social entrepreneurs are professionals and have academic training but 66% of them receive less than a minimum wage as monthly income and that only 34% of social enterprises in the country are profitable and sustainable from the sale of products and / or services.

On the other hand, Ruta N presented a mapping on entrepreneurship and social innovation in Medellín highlighting the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities from the experience of successful social entrepreneurs. They also highlighted the importance of being able to be a city with a public policy for innovation and social entrepreneurship.

During the forum there was space to listen to social entrepreneurs from Medellín and other cities, who shared their experiences and exposed the difficulties and challenges involved in undertaking a social business model in a country like Colombia where there are no adequate conditions to facilitate profitability and sustainability of the projects.

There was participation by Guerreras del Centro, Saciar Foundation and Microfranchises with social impact of Medellín, Antioquia, Frutichar of El Charco, Nariño and Nebulón of Bogotá DC.

This forum was organized by RECON and Ruta N Medellín with the support of the Swedish Embassy in Colombia and the United Nations Program for Development UNDP