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RECON and the USAID Human Rights Program, formed social entrepreneurs, peace builders and human rights defenders as value transformational leaders

17 December, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

RECON, together with the Human Rights Program of USAID, formed 20 social entrepreneurs, peace builders and defenders of human rights for priority municipalities of the Human Rights Program in Cauca and Nariño. This took place in Cali on the 13th and 14th of December.

The leading social entrepreneurs identified by RECON are people with the capacity to generate social transformations and are a reference in their communities; a program was structured to provide tools that permit to take on ethical behaviors, with principles and values, to achieve a clear differentiation and competitive advantage in projects of social entrepreneurship.

Andrés Santamaría, director of RECON, pointed out during the beginning of the day that “you are social leaders and the development of social entrepreneurs is generating transformations, creating and providing opportunities and providing economic and social development for municipalities historically affected by conflict and violence. But there must be a training in values which allows for work, that is why we see it is important to do this training day.”

The themes studied during these training sessions were:

Renovating to change our attitude; Transformation leadership; Emotional intelligence and social; Emotions present in social environments and their effect in productivity, performance and quality of life. Management of knowledge; IKIGAI model (purpose design).

During two days, social entrepreneurs, peace builders and human rights promoters were self-evaluated to be social transformers with principles and values with questions such as: What can we do to finish the lack of values? What is the purpose of my life and what drives me to do what I do? What appearance do I give to others? Likewise, they worked in forging character, and learning to listen to leaders.

Voices of social entrepreneurs, peace builders and defenders of human rights.

Leidy Patricia Talaga of Corinto, Cauca, of the initiative Valora tu derecho a jugar, who through games and play teaches boys, girls and teenagers of the municipality their rights and routes of attention in case victimization, said that the “training allowed me to grow personally, I have learnt that change comes from me if I want to change society, and these spaces allow us to create a network and know other initiatives to learn from them.”

Claudia Janeth Ríos, of Corinto, Cauca of the Strategy initiative, promotes human rights and values of the child and youth population through sport and emotional intelligence so that they are appropriated and are multipliers. On the training session she said that “it is a training which makes us question, at a personal level, where we are going and that we do everything based on principles and values.”

Jorge Andrés Galarza of Santander de Quilichao Cauca of the initiative ‘Productividad Alimentaria para la Comunidad’, project which promotes the right to health and to healthy foods in a community kitchen in the municipality. “It has seemed to me to be an excellent event because it is based on us as leaders and it gives us the tools to improve our behavior as people”.

The event was organized by RECON with the support of the Human Rights Program of USAID, the Ombudsmen National Federation FENALPER, Sweden and the United Nations Program for Development, the PNUD.