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First social entrepreneurship forum in Cali

27 September, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

RECON, a non-profit organization that identifies, supports and strengthens social entrepreneurship initiatives in the country, and the Autonomous University of the West – UAO-, will hold the forum “Social Entrepreneurship for Development a bet for the Development of the Country” on August 29 in Cali, an event that will be held in the auditorium Yquinde in the facilities of the University campus, located at Calle 25 # 115-85 Km 2 via Cali – Jamundí.

This space aims to talk about entrepreneurship and social innovation in Colombia, especially in the Pacific region, to publicize this type of enterprise that is emerging in the country and that has many weaknesses, so it will revolve around initiatives of social entrepreneurship that through business models solve problems and transform social realities, while generating profits and economic development.

Likewise, different actors that generate change in favor of sustainable development will participate, towards the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals -ODS-, coming from academia, institutions, international cooperation and civil society.

During the forum, Jonny Umaña, a social entrepreneur from Boyacá, winner of the RECON 2018 contest in the Environment category with his Nebulón project, will introduce his mist trap device that captures fog and transforms it into drinking water for vulnerable communities. Thanks to an alliance between RECON and the UAO, a new prototype was developed with the support of teachers and students; through the same system, it will trap moisture and convert it into drinking water in areas such as La Guajira and the Pacific Coast.

In addition, the forum will have four discussion panels and two conferences:

Conference: Meaning of entrepreneurship and social innovation

Panel I: Experience of social entrepreneurship initiatives for development

Panel II: The institutional vision of social entrepreneurship

Conference: Nariño Social Innovation Center

Panel III: Entrepreneurship and social innovation in the agenda of the UAO

Panel IV: Social entrepreneurship a path to progress

This forum has the support of the Swedish Embassy in Colombia, the United Nations Program for Development UNDP and El Lab – Coworking Cali.

Admission will be free upon registration HERE

 Download Agenda HERE