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    RECON busca firma auditora
    5 March, 2021

    RECON busca contratar los servicios de una firma de auditoría con el propósito de auditar el “Proyecto Para […]

    Formalizing: the road towards Social Entrepreneurship’s sustainability
    4 March, 2021

    The Social Entrepreneurship context in Colombia makes us reflect and take action: 44,8% of social entrepreneurships are still […]

    New leadership, overcoming challenges through adaptation and visualizing opportunities in the crisis, keys to overcoming the current situation and thinking about a Post-Covid world
    4 August, 2020

    The crisis over COVID19 has affected societies and economies around the world. This situation leads us to think […]

    Nariñense who potabilized seawater with solar energy won national science award
    29 November, 2019

    The educator and engineer Nariñense Julio César Enriquez will have resources to expand his invention and benefit poor […]

    Solar desalination plant
    10 November, 2019

    For a long time, the world’s great organizations have been asking the same question: is desalination the remedy […]

    El colombiano que convierte el agua de mar en agua potable
    23 October, 2019

    La crisis por falta de agua potable afecta a 4 de cada 10 personas. Ante este panorama, Julio […]