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Women entrepreneurs who reduce social gaps in Putumayo

24 July, 2019 - Autor: Recon Colombia

Nancy Magally Ponce, a 40-year-old woman, a native of the Renacer de los Pastos community, is Coordinator of the ‘She is’ Putumayo and Nariño Sectional Foundation and Coordinator of the ASOMUJERES Putumayo South Zone.
ASOMUJERES is a social organization created in 2012 in Putumayo to generate spaces for participation for women within the communities.

In Colombia, achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls has been a challenge, but social enterprises such as ASOMUJERES contribute to achieving this goal. This association ensures the full and effective participation of women and equal opportunities for leadership at all decision levels in political, economic and public life. According to the Victims Unit, “In Colombia, 4.2 million victims of the armed conflict are women” Social entrepreneurship has contributed to these women victims having a second chance and contributing to the economic and social development of the country.

ASOMUJERES develops actions with indigenous women, peasants, victims of armed conflict, of all ages, groups them according to their needs and accompanies them in their entrepreneurial processes, supporting the work of each of these women and offering them alternatives in education, entrepreneurship and psychological support through afternoon gatherings, workshops and multiple activities.

Nancy develops empowerment processes with these women through training strategies in human rights, peace building in the territory, ancestral culture and financial education for the social business model. ASOMUJERES, seeks to support and accompany these women in their entrepreneurial processes so that they later replicate what they have learned within their families and communities. Currently, ASOMUJERES has 300 women members, generating a positive impact in the territories of Santiago, Sibundoy, Colón, San Francisco, Mocoa and Villagarzón, in Putumayo, and in Pasto in the department of Nariño.

Nancy Ponce

The activities that ASOMUJER carries out are articulated with ‘The Social House of Women’ in the municipality of Santiago in Putumayo. Women receive training in human rights, prevention of gender violence, pedagogy for territorial peace. Currently, they have ventures in: Traditional fabrics in Guangas, loom, handmade jewelry in seeds, crochet fabrics, natural fiber fabrics, transformation of fruit trees, wines, jams, fruits and preserves, coffee planting and marketing, preparation of cleaning products as shampoo, soap, body cream and ointments with context plants, under the brand ‘Wise and magic Putumayo’.

ASOMUJERES contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of families through the accompaniment, collaboration and management for the sale of their productive units. Nancy, at the head of this organization, leads each of these processes. She was present as moderator of Panel III, of the Social Entrepreneurship Forum organized by RECON and the Soñar International Foundation, in Mocoa, as moderator of the panel ‘The role of women in social entrepreneurship in Putumayo’. Nancy also took part in the training day for the strengthening of the social business of social entrepreneurs, carried out by the Universidad Externado de Colombia in partnership with RECON in Mocoa, on June 25, 26 and 27. He will also be present at the Women Economic Forum with a delegation of ASOMUJERES entrepreneurs in Cartagena on August 1,2 and 3, representing initiatives of social entrepreneurship of women in the department of Putumayo.

Nancy, today is an example of resilience. Although they have had difficulties in consolidating themselves, this social entrepreneur, mother of two children, divides her time between ASOMUJERES and her family. A social entrepreneur who works daily transforming realities for the construction of a different future in her community.