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The 3rd edition of the Festival of Innovation and Social Technology (FITS) arrives in Colombia!

22 October, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

Wingu brings to Bogotá the Festival of Innovation and Social Technology FITS, a training day to find, articulate and share all knowledge through technological tools that help civil society organizations in their daily work. The third edition in Colombia will be on October 29 at the Félix Restrepo Auditorium, in the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

We will have four spaces that will work simultaneously with different dynamics addressing the issues that will act transversally throughout the day.

Technology can facilitate the work of social organizations, and is allied to save time and resources in daily work. Innovation as a possibility to find simple solutions with existing tools. The articulation between organizations that work the same theme or public or private organizations can strengthen and complement the work of social organizations with civic technology.

Some of the topics this year will be: Data and civic technology, databases and CRM, agile methodologies, communication and online campaigns, digital trends, gender and technology, digital security, fundraising, volunteering and a lot of other surprises, Organizations or people who want to be part of the Festival can register for free HERE

RECON will participate in the lightning talks, where Andrés Santamaría, Director of RECON will be sharing the experience of the organization in the work with social enterprises for the development in the country.