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In RECON, we publicize social projects which are impacting and positively transforming their communities. Through our web site and social media, and via tools such as: video, interviews, notes, articles we record the stories of several social entrepreneurships, which are working towards solving many problems in the country.

We believe in the power of digital media, that is why we create and manage digital content, pieces of high graphic quality and videos which allow the showcase of the work that the social entrepreneurs do to have others recognize them and help. This content is shown throughout our web page and social media, we monitor the answer and engagement of our audience to get to know what content is of interest and how to support entrepreneurs in having collective funding campaigns which are successful.

Furthermore, we have allies in the area of communications to make this objective possible. Two of the biggest media players in Colombia support this mission to make positive stories known; the newspapers EL TIEMPO and EL PAIS have joined this cause; they help in making social entrepreneurship initiatives visible as well as doing reports and articles on social entrepreneurs and their initiatives. We believe in the power of making good and innovative stories known, which generate small changes in the media environment of our country.

We believe in stories and consider that they are inspiring elements for many people throughout the world. The diversity of projects of social entrepreneurship which we harbour, allow us to show what social entrepreneurs are doing in Colombia in diverse areas, such as: environment, education, culture of peace and human rights and entrepreneurship amongst others.

This positive news generate a positive effect on people. First because they inspire and are examples, secondly because they showcase the effort of many people who are working from their communities in contributing to the construction of a different future in Colombia