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Training for social entrepreneurs

30 July, 2018 - Autor: Recon Colombia

The 18 finalist social entrepreneurship initiatives of the RECON 2017-18 contest will participate in a training session to strengthen their business models.

For four days, between September 25 and 28, they will be in Bogotá DC, receiving training on digital tools, business model and market research, with the purpose of strengthening them so that in the long term they are profitable and sustainable.

Andrés Santamaría, executive director of RECON, said that “Social entrepreneurship in the world drives the economy, generates employment and reduces inequality gaps, in Colombia     we have hundreds of social entrepreneurs but there is no adequate ecosystem for the development of their projects, so we consider it important to provide preparation and technical training processes that allows them to strengthen their structure so they can be profitable.”

These sessions are part of the recognitions that RECON granted the 18 finalists. This is the second that takes place, in the first one we worked on the formation of values, now we will approach themes focused on strengthening the business model.

The different activities and themes will be in charge of Paula Gutiérrez, general manager of Impact Hub Bogotá; Andrey Rodríguez, project manager of Impact Hub Bogotá; Gustavo Márquez, general director of Athena; Diego Rodríguez, technology consultant and Sara Caicedo university professor and business consultant.

This day is organized by RECON in partnership with Impact Hub Bogotá and Athena, with the support of Sweden and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP