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Report on the state of social entrepreneurship

27 September, 2018 - Autor: Recon

RECON surveyed 500 social entrepreneurs, from a universe of 2,000 social entrepreneurship initiatives previously identified, which represents 25% of the total, being a fairly representative sample.

The survey was conducted continuously for 57 days, in the period between April 17 and June 13, 2018, using a questionnaire of 56 questions, among which 21 were open questions and 35 closed multiple choice questions. The duration of the survey was an average of 25 minutes per social entrepreneur. The survey was closed when the goal of 500 social entrepreneurs surveyed was reached.

There was a territorial and inclusive perspective to guarantee gender, ethnic and territorial approaches. Social entrepreneurs from 30 departments of the country were surveyed, with missing representation from the departments of Vaupés and Vichada.

It is important to highlight (as will be evident in the distribution map of the surveyed entrepreneurs) that 3.2% of the social enterprises surveyed by RECON in the country are located in the departments called “Former national territories” which are: Casanare, Putumayo, Arauca, Guaviare, San Andrés, Amazonas, Vichada, Vaupés and Guainía, showing that in these territories it has been difficult to identify social entrepreneurship projects.

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