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Valle del Cauca - Cali

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

#YoMeEntacono is a movement in apology for diversity, the inclusion of women and the LGBTI community, which seeks to educate society about the problems that develop machismo and homophobia in Colombia.

We use the salsa cultural heritage of Cali as a communication and education tool. With the image of a man dancing in high heels we want to convey a message of tolerance and make a positive change in society.

Through classes or workshops and conversations, we have worked with different age ranges, promoting the dance heritage of Cali and leaving with this a background message in respect and acceptance for sexual diversity and gender equity.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

Growing up in a religious country is a daily challenge for those who leave the gender roles established by the clergy. For decades, machismo in Colombia has endangered the lives of many LGBTI people and the fact of dancing in an accessory such as heel, can get the attention of the viewer and therefore be a target of criticism. That is why #YoMeEntacono is created, as a political act that seeks to generate changes through art and elements that go against current heteronormativity.

We were moved by the dream of seeing a Cali and a Colombia that respect diversity and live with it fully. We want the little ones to grow up with knowledge of our salsa and dance culture, and with that they understand that art is an important tool to generate union and empathy, so we want to provide them with an education where the bases are self-knowledge and motor development, demonstrating that dance (especially in heels) is an art of high degree of difficulty and a lot of discipline.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

With this project we seek to educate about sexual diversity and generate critical sense in a society that does not expand before different ways of thinking. Until recently, we met the story of José, a man between 35 – 37 years old, he narrated how YoMeEntacono changed his mentality towards sexual diversity, said that he was impressed by how through the project he was able to demolish a structure of many years instilled by Your family and your social environment.

Like José, we notice a daily evolution in our environment, with elderly people who, despite being very conservative, have noticed our work, respect and applaud it. We have also seen it in young people and children with whom we work, they are an example that … knowing sexual diversity does not necessarily make you change your preferences and even, they always have questions and greater interest they show when discussing.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

We look forward to having a team where social workers, educators and artists can join our capabilities to expand around the country and the world.

We will continue to work in the artistic field to export the caleña sauce to Europe, where several cities supported our initiative and we want to do it this time with a cast of artists representing the LGBTI community. It is important to continue giving

visibility to these exponents of salsa around the world and open the doors of a different activism, since we are interested in continuing to promote LGBTI tourism in our country and why not, one day have a Fair where the community is the protagonist.

Last and most important, we seek to make YoMeEntacono the project that educates society through art with a team of professionals in schools, universities, around the country and outside of this to continue showing Cali as the world capital of salsa and Colombia the most inclusive country in Latin America. We plan to do this with a foundation that supports artists and educators who are interested in human values, our biggest goal will always be to make Colombia the country that dances in celebration of diversity and little by little we are achieving it.