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    What is el Destrampe Pacífico?

    Prácticas artísticas, culturales y deportivas
    Valle del Cauca - Buenaventura

    What is el Destrampe Pacífico?

    El Destrampe Pacífico is the dream of a Cultural Center for children of the Pacific, that it becomes the first cultural center of the number 3 subdivision of Buenaventura, composed of communities of Juanchaco and la Barra. In this dream, scenic arts, creative therapies and education will be our allies to forge, day by day, more empathic relations, support networks and reconciliation in these communities. They are managing to heal their emotional wounds through artistic practices. While this happens, volunteers of the foundation My Body is my History, will continue to lovingly share our workshops with a psychosocial and artistic focus.

    What impact does the project generate?

    A place like Destrampe Pacífico is urgent, because children do not have quality programs in areas such as mental health, education and cultural training. Colombia needs to strengthen talents, heal wounds and forge peaceful dreams in places where violence abounds.

    How has RECON supported Destrampe Pacífico?

    With promotion on social media and on the RECON Platform.