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VIT Sensors

Cundinamarca - Simijaca

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

Today the vast majority of farmers choose to review the status of their crops in the same way they have done for decades, making this an activity that requires sufficient time and technical knowledge. But what happens when the farmer must deal with other tasks that do not allow him to be present on his farm? How do you know precisely if the crop needs irrigation after a rainy night? How to know when the crop is prone to the appearance of a fungus? How to know when the development of the crop is not happening properly ?. To solve all these questions, we welcome the challenge of bringing technology to the agricultural sector and minimizing once and for all the gap between these two, with the help of the internet of things, pedagogy, innovation and social sense.

We have developed an MVP, it is a device called EnVIT that sends 9 environmental variables to the cloud on which the level of production, time and resources for farmers depends.

The measurements are made constantly and data is sent wirelessly through the cell phone network to a server that is where all this data is stored. We seek to show all this data so that it can be easily read by anyone through intuitive graphs.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

We like challenges and together with our team we look for ways to bring technology to the agricultural sector, we know that many have been trying for years, but we are different, we are focused on creating impact, and we know that the only way to achieve this, it will be creating a business model that allows us to reach that small farmer who is so discriminated against because of his low income and his lack of knowledge in technology and also, to be able to reach that great producer he wants or is already exporting.

We manufacture our products and work with the latest technology that is within the reach of our customers’ pocket and that at the same time the performance of each product is the best if we compare ourselves with our competitors.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

The social impact is given by helping farmers to enter the technological world, since this same technology makes the field more productive. The impact is a bit difficult to calculate due to the non-update of the DANE data, but we know that by 2010 the flower market was one of the main exporters of the country, this market is our initial objective.

Our value proposition is summarized in our slogan “Your crop in your pocket”, at all times you can carry the information of your crop on your cell phone.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

We are very dreamers and we have several goals:

1. To make our business sustainable, in addition to helping, we need to be profitable.

2. We want to raise awareness among farmers of climate change and make them understand that they have to know precisely the environment in which their crop is developed, since if it changes, their crops will do so.

3. We want to transform agriculture and how it develops today, for this we must improve some habits of farmers. They should familiarize themselves with technology to make the field a more profitable and productive sector.

4. We want to minimize the crop review time and minimize water expenditure, since surprisingly of all the consumable water in the world 70% is used only in agricultural work