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Storyteller Formation

Cultura de paz y derechos humanos
Antioquia - Medellín

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

Storytellers Medellín is a program supported by Primed Community that aims to create decent employment in the sustainable tourism sector. Primed is a social enterprise focused on learning and community. We provide English and Spanish sessions using our experience-based methodology.


We provide English development sessions and training of tour guides to underserved populations. This project is offered as a combined language learning and skills development opportunity.


People lack opportunities, not skill. English is a great skill to develop to connect worldwide and expand employment opportunities. In Colombia, many people do not have access to quality education options.


This project is aimed at an underserved population, mainly young people aged 16 to 20 years. We have implemented the methodology in Commune 13 (San Javier) and in Commune 1 (Santo Domingo).


We use a CLIL methodology based on experience focused on functional English, storytelling and being a guide. The sessions are offered free of charge and are supported by public entities such as El Cedezo and the San Javier library.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

This project was born in commune 13 of Medellín in 2016. Through English classes in the community, several young people from the local community were training in English. Using experiential classes, some began to plan, investigate and build a tour of their own neighborhood. With the assistance of the Primed Community teachers, the Storytellers trained as storytellers, tour guides and entrepreneurs. After 3 months of training they launched their first Comuna 13 tour and have been working in tourism since then.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

Based on the needs we have seen and the expertise of Primed, we support people from communities with high potential for community tourism, such as those in commune 13, to train them in English and tourism skills. With the knowledge obtained by the course, participants leave with the confidence to make tours in their community in a responsible way generating economic income in a sustainable way.

The opportunity to create job offers and economy in the community, as well as seeing that the community is becoming a Bilingual and has the joy of knowing about cultures around the world, feeling like they have traveled to all parts of the world without Leaving the country, as well as having the opportunity to share the beautiful Colombian culture.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

We plan to grow this social entrepreneurship to the national level. @storytellersmedellin is the beginning of a process to empower communities and foster learning.

In line with the goals of community and sustainable tourism of the department we want to reach 9 communes and districts of Medellín in the next year. In these communities we empower people with English, soft skills and job opportunities.