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Sin palabras

Emprendimiento y generación de empleo
Bogotá D.C - Bogotá D.C

What is Sin Palabras?

Sin Palabras is a coffee bar for people with hearing disabilities, and is the first of this type in Colombia, second in Latin America and sixth in the world. Beyond selling typical products, they sell sensations, this is the first place where listeners adapt to the hearing impaired.

‘Sin Palabras’ wants to be a place of encounter, directed to the population with hearing disabilities, and wants to involve the listening population to generate spaces of interaction between deaf people and listeners through learning of sign language in Colombia.

What is the impact of ‘Sin Palabras’?

In Bogotá there are over 54,000 deaf people. ‘Sin Palabras’ look to be a place of entertainment and relaxation for people with listening disabilities which allows them to interact with total tranquility, joined by family, friends and acquaintances. Likewise, they generate employment for people in this condition.

The place is inclusive because it is designed for this population, that they may feel the music and enjoy it, thus it has a production of waves on the floor so that they can feel the vibrations of musical rhythm of the song playing, this in the company of visual aids such as televisions where videoclips are simultaneously reproduced, with closed caption system and in some occasions with interpreters which translate the meaning of the lyrics of songs.

How has RECON supported ‘Sin Palabras’?

With promotion via the RECON platform and through some media such as El Tiempo, Colombia inn, amongst others.