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Bogotá D.C - Bogotá D.C

What is Recyapp?

RecyApp is a mobile application (app) with free connection between: recyclers, homes and companies which ease processes of recycling. It works in the following way: homes and businesses associate with RecyApp, notify the availability of recyclable material (paper, cardboard, plastics, tetra pak, glass, fabric and metal) so that recyclers collect it; this way users receive a discount bonus in the acquisition of products and services offered in the application catalogue used by companies to promote their products and services. All this will consolidate a community around separation of residues which will allow for the sale of advertising to companies in the app medium (social networks, web pages, mobile applications, blogs), promoting environmental sustainability, environmental consciousness and the bringing together of mipymes in the digital marketing arena.

What impact does Recyapp generate?

Recyapp promotes the culture of recycling in the citizens, generating dignified employment to recyclers who are in charge of collecting waste and promotes local businesses in each community through linking the application with advertising and giving incentives to users.

How has RECON supported Recyapp?

Recyapp was included in the Emerging Markets Initiative Program -EMI- of Universidad Externado and received a recommendations plan for their business model, as well as participating in the EMI Workshops on social innovation, circular economy and business models.

They have also been promoted in the RECON platform.