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Primaveral Creations Association

Cimitarra - Santander

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

Our social entrepreneurship consists of making garments and industrial endowments, has the participation of the 20 social, tasks are assigned to take out the production and a knowledge transfer space is generated with the girls who are part of the seedbed, having The objective is the empowerment of women, the culture of care and advancement of rural development in our region, from a gender equity perspective.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

The association was born under the need for jobs, occupations and income generation of 20 women from the village of La Primavera, thanks to the abilities and skills of each in embroidery, canvas paintings, cuts and crafts. The idea of ​​articulating each of these women in a clothing project is created, this work began with desires of overcoming and thanks to the help of some companies that promoted and strengthened us with training plans, machinery and raw materials today in ASOCREAPRIM day marches and grows more and more.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

Thanks to this venture, it is possible to create a productive company that generates employment and income for each of the members, textile works are being carried out that leave the same path and its surroundings as school and sports uniforms, in addition, a seedbed with children has been working of the community that are interested in learning the multiple workings of clothing, on the part of the same members, learning days are developed so that these little ones learn about this art, nowadays the association gives us that space to integrate more, focus and work as a team for the growth of this project and the community.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

We dream of being a recognized company nationwide in the textile area for its innovative spring creations, exclusive designs and created from the same association, a sustainable company that gives identity and recognition to our village, using direct labor from the same community , and thanks to the hotbed with the children that has been advancing, create that sense of belonging for the art of clothing. Every day each of the members gets up with the desire to carry out this project called ASARE CREATIVAS PRIMAVERALES “ASOCREAPRIM”.