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Peace Waves

Antioquia - Medellín

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

Together with Peace & Sport, Amigos del Mar creates the first social business in the world of sports. The business is related to our core values; Water sports, education and environmental awareness. Contributes to the social and sustainable development of

Tierrabomba Island. We believe that the empowerment of the community when facing the pollution of the sea by plastic waste, can not only be achieved with mass cleaning days organized regularly, but also actively teaching how to recycle and reuse garbage.

We design water sports accessories such as surf keels, re-using resources of non-recycled plastic, such as bottle caps. With the help of machines produced by Infinite Plastic (invented by Precious Plastic) the plastic is crushed and melted and after having the base compound, the new products are heated and modeled.

Therefore, the company empowers the local community creatively, creating a more sustainable environment and new opportunities for development and income; made possible with joint efforts between the community, government, Amigos del Mar and Peace & Sport.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

This project is the result of almost 10 years of work in which we have significantly raised and strengthened environmental awareness in Tierrabomba with the organization of mass cleaning, showing the importance of caring for the environment. With recycling programs and recycling art workshops we offer reasons and ways to recycle and educate.

For this reason, our business is based on a solid foundation, showing new ways to deal with the problem of waste that pollutes the island’s environment and its population.

We fight against the climate crisis in a productive way, using water sports to do so, since we consider it as an effective tool to strengthen social development and environmental awareness.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

We involve young people and adults directly in different ways. Since 2014 we offer weekly recycling art workshops, where participants learn to recycle and reuse garbage. We sensitize young people to sustainable thinking and give ideas on how garbage can become a new and valuable product that can even generate income. Some of the products are bought / sold for them through the foundation (for example tetra wallets).

We also call attention and sensitize the community with massive cleanings where tons of garbage and recyclable material are collected and recycled in public areas, with the help of external and native volunteers. Since 2010, we have collected more than 57 tons of garbage with the help of more than 2800 volunteers. In this way we act against pollution and promote a change in behaviors that cause pollution. We show the community that the spaces in which they live and work are important and must be kept clean.

The social business Olas Paz, located in Tierrabomba, regularly buys the recycling material (hard plastic) from the members of the community at an attractive price and shows how to reuse the plastic in a simple way to give it a new value. Surf keels and other accessories (sports) are produced by native employees who learn about the process and production of the material, while inspiring others to follow.

With the social business we not only contribute to the social development of the island, providing new opportunities for work and income to the community of Tierra Bomba, but also put the community in the spotlight, presenting an innovative and outstanding product, which at the same time, focuses on the problem of garbage and pollution suffered by Tierra Bomba.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

We dream of contributing to the proper management of solid waste through a local recycling system that allows to protect the environment through awareness, education and valuation of garbage in the community. Contributing to social development and economic growth in the community.