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Panitas de Rolando Foundation

Cundinamarca - Mosquera

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

Panitas de Rolando, teaches computer programming, software development, video game creation, web creation, mobile applications (For Tablets and Smart Phones), Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to children in grades 5-11 of municipal and private schools ( In agreement) of the municipalities of Mosquera, Funza, Facatativá and Anapoima, turning young people into Technology Prosumers, not simply users of apps on tablets, phones and computers. Young people and children make productive use of free time with the use of technology.

Free agreements are made with the Municipal schools, each campus provides us with resources such as computer rooms, computer and audiovisual equipment required and recreation areas. Private schools make a similar agreement but the private school student makes a very small financial contribution and this allows him to have access to the virtual platform, which includes additional content classroom sessions.

In 2019 we started an agreement with Ubicuos Lab de México, in this agreement our “Panitas” process is being oriented to the construction and placement of a satellite but at the Pico-Satellite scale, this device will be launched to the stratosphere on the 25th of October with the support of the School of NCOs of the Colombian Air Force.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?
The growing digital transformation of society in the country, generates professional training opportunities for young people, but because of the ignorance of these technologies in the towns and municipalities of the country does not allow youth to be interested in these careers, in addition to creating in them interest in creating your life project around these trades.

Panitas de Rolando grows after the interest of its founder in impacting the lives of young people and protecting them from the dangers of the street, in addition to the risk of falling into the consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

We have experienced that school students who have academic difficulties with their basic or secondary education, perform successfully in our activities, so that it allows them to approach other young people without suffering a rejection as happens in traditional school. In September we started training 9 people from the municipality of Mesetas in El Meta, these people will be part of the Panitas de Rolando tutors in order to multiply our knowledge in the municipality, they will guide this knowledge to children victims of the armed conflict of our country.

On September 20 we began to use communications technologies such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Yoytube and Facebook Live, to reach sites such as Morroa, Corozal Sucre, Monteria, Ocaña and Florencia Caqueta, bringing the same technical lessons to young people in the municipalities mentioned.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

I hope in a term no longer than 2 years that the Panitas de Rolando Foundation has a presence in all the municipalities of the Western Savannah, as well as in municipalities with distance from Bogotá not exceeding two (2) hours, in the same way to be able to count a our own headquarters where we can serve young people who cannot attend class sessions in the schools where we are currently working due to schedules, place of residence or norms of agreements.