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Operación Colmena

Medio ambiente
Cauca - Corinto

What is Operación Colmena?

It looks for the conservation of native bees and the strengthening of meliponiculture, which is the raising of bees without a sting. With this initiative they look to protect, conserve and rehabilitate the population of native bees in Corinto, in the north of Cauca, reaching the goal of 100 colonies in 24 months.

How does Operación Colmena create an impact?

They promote meliponiculture as a strategy of productive and environmental responsibility. They strengthen awareness of the importance of pollinizers in any ecosystem, because bees positively impact organic crops, economically favoring agriculture and production. They create campaigns of awareness on the indiscriminate use of pesticides and the damage they cause pollinizers.

How has RECON supported Operación Colmena?

Thanks to the support of the Human Rights Program of the Agency of the United States for International Development USAID, it has taken part in two training programs: The first was in Value Transformation with the Dalai Lama Center of MIT, the second for the strengthening of the social business model, training which was in charge of Impact Hub, Athena and RECON.

They have also been promoted in the RECON platform.