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New Horizons Bakery

Cultura de paz y derechos humanos
Santander - Bucaramanga

What does New Horizons bakery do?

This entrepreneurship gives inmates of the Bucaramanga prison, the opportunity to have a productive alternative for when they finish doing their time and go out into society, so that they can have work opportunities and not re-offend due to lack of opportunities. The prisons in Colombia suffer from various problems, amongst them overcrowding, poor hygiene conditions, low quality of life and thus leaving few options where inmates may use their time in a useful manner when they go out into freedom.

What impact does New Horizons Bakery generate?

The bakery is an initiative of the New Horizons therapeutic community which works in the process of detoxification from psychoactive substances, to provide a process of resocialization to inmates. Once they finish this process, they may go to the bakery workshop to get further training and prepare to work in it.   The Project generates an impact in 100 inmates per year; some of them have recovered their freedom and today are dedicated to being bakers, free from drug consumption and with a plan of life which has begun in their time in prison.

How has RECON supported New Horizons bakery?

RECON has contributed to this project with two training programs: The first was in Value Transformation with the Dalai Lama Center of MIT, the second was for the strengthening of the social business model, training which was overseen by Impact Hub, Athena and RECON.

The project received a seed capital of $2.000.000 delivered via the President’s Counsel for Human Rights, for having been one of the three finalists of the RECON 2017 contest in the category of Culture of Peace and Human Rights.

Furthermore, it has been seen on the RECON platform and other media such as El Tiempo, Vanguardia, amongst others.