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Medio ambiente
Bogotá D.C -

What is Nebulón?

Nebulón is a system which catches mist, installed in places with climate and environmental conditions that are adequate to catch mist and turn it into water, improving the quality of life of
vulnerable populations affected by hydric scarcity. The structure of a Nebulón is tridimensional and it has three mesh walls, three posts which support the structure, a drain and a storage tank. The mist is captured in the mesh and it begins to generate a drip, which drops into the drain and is directed to the storage tank. Nebulón has managed to obtain up to 28 liters of drinking water in 24 hours. The quality of the water and the quantity produced depend on climate factors and the characteristics of the environment, thus analysis and tests are made before the installation of the system.

How does Nebulón make an impact?

It allows for the access of drinking water in vulnerable communities, with the daily obtainment of 28 liters. Currently work is being done in the development of a prototype which uses the same
system to trap mist and turn it into water in communities like La Guajira and the Pacific Coast.

How has RECON supported Nebulón?

Nebulón was the winner of the RECON contest of 2017-18, in the category of Environment. It received $5.000.000 as seed capital and two training programs: the first was in Value
Transformation with the Dalai Lama Centre from MIT, and the second was for the strengthening of the social business model, training given by Impact Hub, Athena and RECON.
Thanks to an alliance between RECON and Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, advise has been given with know-how, academic personnel (professors and students) and technology to
achieve the development of the prototype of Nebulón to trap mist.

Furthermore, Nebulón has been seen in the RECON platform and some news outlets such as El Tiempo, El País, 90 Minutos, Colombia Inn, Noticias Caracol, amongst others.