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Mobile Theatre

Prácticas artísticas, culturales y deportivas
Valle del Cauca - Palmira

What is the mobile theatre?

The “mobile theatre” is a vehicle which allows the theatre to reach people and brings the community together through the creation of a cultural space which positively breaks routines. This vehicle has all that is needed for the theatre to reach parks, culture houses, communal homes, schools, educational institutions, libraries, community kindergartens, amongst others, where there usually is not the possibility to enjoy a professional work of art of puppetry. All this giving priority to municipalities and areas where the population is primarily rural. The work of the mobile theatre is developed with free access to the community.

What impact does the mobile theatre have?

It takes fun and amusement to vulnerable and remote communities.

How has RECON supported the mobile theatre?

It has given it visibility in the RECON Platform.