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Santander - San Gil

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

We are a virtual tool that seeks to provide a scalable and global solution to the mental health problems that afflict our society, from the use of new technologies of immersion 360, artificial intelligence, data mining, among others, we make available to anyone a solution capable of detecting and validating from a conversation with a virtual entity possible common psychological conditions, providing a complementary treatment, and training in an experiential way people for the timely detection of symptoms in third parties.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

Mentalk was born from nearby events and the evolution of another social project called Bot Vanessa, which consisted of a virtual entity with artificial and emotional intelligence, whose mission was to help people with physical disabilities or technological illiteracy to use a computer more comfortable way. Following several family events that involved depression and suicide attempts, I realized that on many occasions the symptoms of mental conditions such as depression go unnoticed, both by those who suffer from it and by those around them and it is only visible when it’s too late

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

We seek to be a global solution for a problem that goes beyond our borders.

According to data from the global burden of IHME disease, approximately 13% of the world’s population suffer from some type of mental disorder. Countries like Spain found that depression is the second disease burden, only surpassed by arterial hypertension. According to WHO in Colombia, 80% of the population has presented between one and three symptoms of depression at some time in their life. If global data are observed, this type of afflictions are increasing, due to different factors, such as limited access to specialists, poor diagnoses, lack of knowledge on the part of those affected, the incredulity of the nearby social nucleus, among others.

This is how we decided to project the scope and impact of our solution in a global and scalable way, seeking to unite psychology and new technologies in order to make a solution to this problem affordable and compact from different actors.

-Psychologists: A support tool.

-Patients: Reduction of people without any attention.

-User: Increased early detection of symptoms thanks to third parties.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

Our tool will be an open repository that will allow the use of our functionalities and technology to other researchers, in order to increase the base of treatments, training and new conditions in our platform.

-Be seen as a necessary and useful tool within national mental health policies.

-Generate alliances with specialists for the subsequent monitoring of users of the tool.

-Generate a training and education educational module for psychology students, based on the recreation of cases taken inside the platform through virtual avatars and virtual reality environments.