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Low-cost robotics kit

Tecnología y comunicaciones
La Guajira - Maicao

What is a low cost robotics kit?

Low cost robotics kits is a project to promote educational robotics in the municipality of Maicao, la Guajira, in public educational institutions for low income. For this they have a robotics club called Technological Innovators where children and teenagers participate from grades sixth to eleventh.

Each kit has been developed by members of the robotics club, using recyclable materials, such as: plastic caps, plastic bottles, cardboard, wood, cables and wire. With the project we look for boys, girls and youth of lower incomes, with the aim of promoting the use of these magnificent tools in lessons of technology, robotics and electronics. They look to sell robotics kits so that the project can be sustainable, generating resources which allow for a robotics and mechatronics laboratory where we can design
and develop advanced kits.

How has RECON supported the low cost robotics kits?

With promotion on social media and on the RECON Platform.