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Leo the Fantastic Dreamtracer Bibliobus

Risaralda - Pereria

What is Leo the dreamtracer bibliobus?

The Dreamtracer Bibliobus is a Chevrolet Bus model 84, conditioned as a mobile library and creative lab which goes to communities. Turned into a library and a mobile cultural center which goes round the neighborhoods and municipalities of Pereira and the coffee growing region, to develop processes of educating boys and girls via reading, writing, oral tradition, and doing all of this in a complete cultural encounter during continuous stations where all the public enjoys intergenerational encounters between grandparents and elders, storytelling, ludic workshops of arts, puppets, theatre and film in the streets.

What is the impact of Leo the dreamtracer bibliobus?

The arrival of the bibliobus to neighborhoods is reported as a party, the doors open and the social barrier to reach cultural services and books too. The reading experience becomes fun and we take back spaces of dialogue between elders and children. We promote the care of surrounding areas, the recognition of the other, living together and peace.

How has RECON supported Leo the dreamtracer bibliobus?

With visibility in social networks, in the RECON platform and in some media.