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What is Lavoplast?

Lavoplast is a washer made from recycled plastics and waste, that works without electricity and saves energy and water. It is an alternative for vulnerable populations which do not have access to a conventional washer and who must do the wash of clothes by hand, a process which is slow and boring; furthermore, during this process a pollution of hydric sources is generated.

This invention could revolutionize the cleaning of clothes in a more environmentally sound way, generating income for rural families and benefiting biodiversity. Lavoplast promises to resolve most of these problems. It works without electricity, it takes 5 minutes to complete a wash, and only needs 5 liters of water. Lavoplast simulates the normal cycle of a standard washing machine, but uses the centrifugal force from a handle to use with the hand, is made with 40% of recycled plastic material, saves water and electricity. It is a good example of social innovation, making use of simple technology at everyone’s reach.

What impact does Lavoplast generate?

We have more and more things at home which use electricity. They make our lives comfortable, but they also spend too many resources. The washing machine, for example, as well as using a lot of electricity, consumes enormous quantities of water and energy, a wash cycle consumes between 50 and 100 liters of water depending on how old it is and what model, whilst Lavoplast only requires 5 liters of water and is made of recycled plastic.

How has RECON supported Lavoplast?

With promotion on social media and on the RECON Platform.