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La Paz F.C

Cultura de paz y derechos humanos
Bogotá D.C - Bogotá D.C

What is Paz F.C?

Sports club La Paz. F.C is an initiative of social entrepreneurship, construction of peace and reconciliation which looks to have FARC constitute three professional soccer teams: one for second division, another for under-20’s and a women’s team. The players will be demobilized guerrilla fighters, victims of the conflict and members of the communities which suffered the consequences of war. The idea is that teams of the La Paz F.C will have matches in the municipal stadium La Paz, located in Apulo (Cundinamarca) which was inaugurated in September of last year by president Juan Manuel Santos.

What impact does La Paz F.C generate?

It generates scenarios of peace, reconciliation and reintegration through soccer for demobilized combatants and victims of conflict. It has the support and backing of the National Government and the secretariat of FARC, who see the proposal positively. They have linked former footballers like Alfonso Cañon, Bonner Mosquera and Faustino Asprilla to advice and direct the process.

How does RECON support La Paz F.C?

With promotion on social media and on the RECON Platform.