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Knitting a Country

Emprendimiento y generación de empleo
Bogotá D.C - Bogotá D.C

What is Knitting a Country?

Knitting a Country is innovating in the market of footwear, making boots and shoes with sheep’s wool, employing an ancestral technique to fashion their knitting, as well as using recycled tired for the soles. Knitting a Country came about as a solution to a personal need and has become a family and social business with a lot of future. They are a social entrepreneurship because they promote environmental care by using recycled tires. Likewise, they are inclusive because they generate job opportunities to women in vulnerable conditions.

What is the impact of Knitting a Country?

Their shoes are made by disabled women, elderly adults and single mothers.

How has RECON supported Knitting a Country?

They were beneficiaries of participation in the Value Transformation program with the Dalai Lama center of MIT.  They were included in the Emerging Markets Initiative Program -EMI- of Universidad Universidad Externado and received a recommendations plan for their business model, as well as participating in the EMI Workshops on social innovation, circular economy and business models.

Furthermore, it has been seen on the RECON platform and other media.