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Tecnología y comunicaciones
Bogotá D.C -

What does Kitsmile do?

Kitsmile designed the first home rehabilitation kit for children with cerebral palsy. It has an invention patent, the only one in the world, thanks to the sponsors who have taken these kits to
rural areas of Colombia creating an opportunity to rehabilitate vulnerable families. Training caretakers so that they learn to contribute to the development of the child and also teaching them to create a model of generation of income in the home will allow to break cycles of poverty, making a positive impact in their lives, their environment and the future of their children.

How does kitsmile make an impact?

300,000 children in Colombia suffer from cerebral palsy, and over 70% of them live in poverty. Kitsmile develops multi-functional products for children in situation of disability, and via the
Foundation takes these solutions to rural areas of Colombia where the children do not have resources to get these elements which contribute to their rehabilitation, live far away from specialized centers or their parents do not have the necessary knowledge to contribute to rehabilitation.

How has RECON supported Kitsmile?

The project was a winner in RECON in the year 2017, in the Technology and Communications category. It received $5.000.000 as seed capital and two training programs: the first was in Value
Transformation with the Dalai Lama Centre from MIT, and the second was for the strengthening of the social business model, training given by Impact Hub, Athena and RECON.

They were included in the Emerging Market Initiatives Program -EMI- of Universidad Externado and received a recommendations plan with improvements for their business model, as well as participating in the EMI Workshops on social innovation, circular economy and business model.

Furthermore, KitSmile has been seen in the RECON platform and some news outlets such as El Tiempo, El País, Colombia INN, Emprendedores of Canal Capital and others.