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Irrigation systems ASPERSORES DE PAZ, a circular economy

Tolima - Ibagué

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

It seeks that small and medium agricultural producers have access to unconventional, environmentally friendly and low cost self-sustainable technologies, seeking to achieve high productivity in their crops, thus presenting the best benefit / cost ratio.

In addition, it aims to promote and technify the agricultural sector with a methodology of artisanal elaboration, providing professional methodologies and the empirical, cultural and ancestral contribution of the community with which it will work.

ASPERSORES DE PAZ, was born as an innovative idea, capable of revolutionizing the entire agricultural sector of Colombia and encouraging greater profitability and productivity, working according to clean and renewable energy.

This great initiative that managed to improve the quality of life, not only of a rural peasant sector located in Nariño, but also of its agricultural production systems, and we achieved this through innovation, construction of social fabric, and access for the first time to these communities to a portable irrigation system, elaborated with principles of circular economy, since its design is a prototype built from recycled material, therefore, it is friendly to the environment, and a very low investment cost, reaching be up to 8 times more economical than a traditional irrigation system, and even better by promoting the responsible and efficient use of water, since its design allows sprinkler irrigation, with the effect of rain.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

As a Tolimense peasant, I feel a very great commitment to Colombian agriculture, so I have been observing common problems in our rural areas, which show as a final result low productivity in crops and in turn, generation of poverty for the rural sector. Such a problem exists due to the low accessibility that small and medium producers have to high-cost self-sustainable technologies that are available in the market.

From there, ASPERSORES DE PAZ was born, because it seeks through an irrigation system made from recycled and low-cost material, allowing it to be accessible to all peasant communities that wish to boost their agricultural production systems. In this way, my commitment makes me create this venture to help achieve a more productive field in Colombia, and be able to compete in the market with agricultural products, as we would have the way to achieve high productivity with our irrigation systems, since Many times, the agricultural sector has very low harvests due to the absence of water in its cultivation, and also the lack of technification.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

Sprinklers of peace has given solution to needs commonly found in the rural sector, since with the implementation of our portable irrigation system, and elaborated by the peasant labor, using recycled material, it has been impacted as follows:

There was a 1.8-fold increase in the productivity of organic coffee in the rural area of ​​Chachagui, Nariño; thus presenting the best benefit / cost ratio, as productivity increased with a very low investment.

We allow access to small producers to unconventional rural technologies and self-sustaining systems.

The crop yield time was accelerated, increasing its profitability

Irrigation time was reduced with our system, going from watering before 8 hours, to 3 hours, creating a more efficient and responsible use of water.

And most importantly, it was achieved that the farmer does not feel the need to leave his territory, but to choose to improve his work techniques without losing his vocation, having a positive environmental and productivity impact.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

Our service portfolio not only seeks to have direct contact with the farmer, but with those government entities such as mayorships, secretariats, and on the other hand associations, agricultural associations, NGOs, nurseries among others, who wish to bet on sustainable development; and we propose an implementation of irrigation systems made from recycled material (circular economic) that work according to solar energy, in this way we can reach the entire agricultural sector of Colombia with the idea.

As a goal, we also propose to provide an irrigation system service for the urban sector, which will be designed with an electronic programmer, which will control the system and will be working together with humidity sensors, to convert an automatic irrigation system, which function only when the soil or urban gardens require it.