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Interactive Kiosk of Ecological Transformation


Description of Social Entrepreneurship

KITE (Interactive Kiosk of Ecological Transformation) is an educational-type interface that provides learning tools through recycling and playful interaction. Within the functional scope it can be said that KITE is a station that uses electronic elements that facilitate recycling in school and social environments.

KITE has several stages that provide learning through play. Recycle, Answer questions of general interest and Reuse recycled material in entrepreneurship projects and the fight against illiteracy.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

We decided to work in favor of the families of a little favored district (Varas Blancas, in the municipality of La Paz – Cesar) and turn one of the biggest problems of the communities, into one of the greatest educational opportunities for the less favored populations.

We wanted to arrive with a technological solution and opportunities to those places where education does not arrive, but garbage does. However, our population still has to face a series of challenges before expanding its reach.

Although the corregimiento lacks centers for the collection of recyclable material, we have provided a transversal alternative that guarantees a final and useful deposition of plastic waste products from the single-use PET trade.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

In the municipality of La Paz-Cesar, a significant number of families have been benefited in the county of Varas Blancas; At the same time, we have directly impacted approximately 400 children who are of school age, receiving from this initiative, knowledge in the areas of education, technology and entrepreneurship in the use of recycling.

We improve the academic and educational competitiveness of these children and young people, which today are a population at high risk of dropping out of school due to the difficult administrative condition of this community, to this we provide with KITE a technological tool that is closing the social gap educational and opportunities; that in the end constitutes a fact of Peace.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

In KITE we are working so that in 2025 we will be recognized in Colombia as a socially responsible company, with satisfactory conformity assessment in the management of the quality of its products, environmental protection, pollution prevention and management of environmental models, Educational and green technology.

We plan to expand our technology education and recycling model in the medium term, and thus expand our number of beneficiaries in more municipalities and districts of Colombia, with machines that also allow bartering and exchange of these materials for knowledge.