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Igneo Colombia

Medio ambiente
Atlántico - Barranquilla

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

In IgNeo Colombia we work to build the public spaces of cities and communities with the same debris that are generated from the construction works, by the hand of architects, urban planners, designers, construction companies and state entities.

We are today the first circular economy company in the Caribbean Region of Colombia dedicated to the use, design and manufacture of prefabricated sustainable urban and architectural furniture in which sand and stone are replaced by Solid Waste Construction and Demolition (RCD), avoiding the exploitation of natural resources and generating urban and architectural solutions with innovative designs, high durability and low maintenance for outdoor spaces.

Applied in products such as: decorative posts, bollards, reflectors, benches, planters, floors, signs, walls, inns, used mostly in parks, roads, developments, and buildings.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

In Colombia, more than 22 million tons of RCD are produced. Debris dumps are growing in cities and municipalities, and national statistics do not indicate the level of damage they cause.

Although there are no official figures in the city, approximately more than 1,000m3 of RCD may be produced daily. These rubble, as they are popularly recognized, end up contaminating landfills, roads and platforms, or in the best case in landfills and authorized deposits, but without any final use. The dumping of construction debris has numerous negative effects on the environment, among others: pollution, excessive use of materials with the consequent loss of natural resources, degradation of landscape quality and alteration of natural drainage.

Barranquilla is no stranger to this phenomenon, the construction industry is growing rapidly and this is the main generator of debris, waste that is currently a problem in all cities.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

1. Decrease in the amount of waste that ends up in authorized disposal sites.

2. Decrease in the amount of waste that ends illegally in landfills, streets, roads, parks and streams in the city of Barranquilla and municipalities in the Atlantic.

3. Economic benefit derived from this activity, creating new jobs ranging from waste treatment, through the design and manufacture of new products in which they are reinstated, to installation.

4. Environmental benefit by taking advantage of the materials, avoiding the extraction of non-renewable resources such as sand and stone, those used in concrete mixtures.

5. Benefit for citizens, when designing products that promote the enjoyment and enjoyment of public spaces in cities and communities promoting sustainable urban life.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

Expand the capacity of development and design of new products, and manufacture In Situ the products that are required within the works, in this way we generate a minimum impact on the carbon footprint because they are ecoproducts that do not travel great distances, we reduce disposal costs final and will have low energy consumption in their production to be developed in the same places where the generator produces the waste.

Beyond being a trend, sustainable construction is the present and future of this industry, so we want to avoid the exploitation of natural resources such as sand and stone at all costs, and we know that with the debris recycling is the way.