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Frutichar S.A.S

Emprendimiento y generación de empleo
Nariño - El Charco

What is Frutichar?

Frutichar is a young social company, which buys, transforms and commercializes pulp from exotic fruits and other derived products. This project achieved substitution of illicit crops for licit
ones, and has allowed new opportunities for rural and industrial employment in a zone where armed conflict had been heavily affecting the local socio-economic dynamic for decades. As well
as creating new markets for youth and farmers of the region, Frutichar seeks to contribute, via the consumption of these products, to regional food security with organic products, and to
diminish the rate of malnutrition in the Nariño pacific coast.

Frutichar was born in 2013 with the Programa Creciendo Juntos (PCJ) (‘Growing Together’ Program), financed by the Canadian Embassy, the Governor of Nariño and implemented by the
United Nations Development Programme PNUD. Creciendo Juntos wanted to confront the structural effects of the conflict, generating options for a dignified life for rural youth aged 15 to
26 and their families, with a focus on rights, population and territory.

How has RECON supported Frutichar?

The project was a winner of the RECON contest in 2017, in the category of Entrepreneurship and Jobs Generation. It received $5.000.000 as seed capital and two training programs: the first
was in Value Transformation with the Dalai Lama Centre from MIT, and the second was for the strengthening of the social business model, training given by Impact Hub, Athena and RECON.
Furthermore, it has been seen in the RECON platform and some news outlets such as El Tiempo, El País and other regional media.