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Cultura de paz y derechos humanos
Valle del Cauca - Palmira

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

Fediarte is a social work program, which promotes the equalization of opportunities in integrative learning, recreational, social and productive spaces, our reason for being are people with disabilities and their main caregiver. We strive to promote the development of skills: revocational, physical, cognitive, emotional and occupational, through an entrepreneurial initiative full of love, in which we market creative products made with special hands for the celebration of representative dates and parties, which We offer in the community, social networks, shopping centers, fairs and agreements that are established.

The products we make are made of different materials such as wood, cardboard, cardboard, tapes, paint, recyclable material, among others. We support the celebration of special dates about valuing emotional aspects and teaching our participants to perform productively in society.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

Currently the statistical figures of people who are in a situation of disability indicate representative numerical values ​​in relation to the total population in Colombia, the vast majority are in socioeconomic strata less than or equal to three, or have no monetary income because of their difficulties physical, cognitive or emotional, which limit their productive performance, income generation, quality of life and social inclusion.

This leads us to identify the needs of people with disabilities and their caregivers to be included in society and in productive activities, through the Fediarte program created in the foundation specializing in child development, by professionals focused on habilitation and rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities and social inclusion seeking the appropriate methodological route to improve quality of life, skills development and participation, achieving a greater number of people included in entrepreneurial activities in society.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

The impact we have on society is to give dignified value and an improvement in the quality of life, providing the opportunity for people with disabilities and their caregivers to develop skills to participate in a productive activity, generate some family income and a economic, social and integrative spaces participation that generate interest and well-being in all aspects of your life. Thus achieving in society to create awareness and highlight the value of participation and social and productive inclusion.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

Our dream is to structure the Fediarte entrepreneurship program as a microenterprise of social work, providing the opportunity for people with disabilities and caregivers who do not have any type of economic income to participate in integrating learning, recreational, vocational, occupational and productive spaces . We dream of a microenterprise of details elaboration with special hands for the celebration of dates or parties of the year, increasing our production capacity, agreements, sales, virtual store and an educational channel for skills development, and most importantly to achieve that population that participates is much larger than we have at the moment and generate a sustainable income for both the microenterprise and for each of the people who are part of it.