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Medio ambiente
Córdoba - San Antero

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

ECOMANGLARTE is a youth initiative that arises from the need to generate eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives that are environmentally friendly, which is why since 2016 at the Julio C Miranda educational institution we set out to make ecological and handmade paper based on raw materials alternatives such as the red mangrove leaves (Rizophora mangle) discarded in the mangrove forests native to the bay of Cispatá in the municipality of San Antero-Córdoba, and the use of recycled paper collected in the Julio C Miranda Educational Institution. This process is carried out by mixing 20% ​​of mangrove leaves which is cooked and ground, and 80% of sheets of recycled paper that is cut into pieces and soaked. After making the mixture in containers with water, these are molded by racks, dried with absorbent fabrics, transferred to fabric molds, dried in the sun and then pressed. These sheets are subsequently cut and used to make products as agendas.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

There were several factors that led us to create our project, first of all, the lack of environmental awareness and recycling culture in most of the students of the educational institution, which generated large sources of pollution in classrooms and courtyards of the institution. On the other hand, the high standards of poverty in the municipality and few employment opportunities since the majority of the members of the educational community belong to socioeconomic strata 1 and 2.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

Our venture has a direct impact on the environmental awareness of the members of the educational community which will become multipliers of environmental culture, recycling and environmental care in their communities which could improve the environmental conditions of the municipality. On the other hand, it has an impact on vulnerable families members of the educational community whose incomes are very low or do not have decent employment.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

With our venture we seek to raise awareness in the educational community and create an environmental culture of recycling that improves the environmental conditions of our Educational Institution and its environment. In addition, we seek to reduce the high standards of poverty in our region, generating employment opportunities for members of the educational community (students and parents) as we seek to market the products that are made from the sheets (envelopes, agendas, letters). One of our visions is to extend it to communities that have a mangrove area similar to ours contributing to its development.