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Ekoducha H2O+

Medio ambiente
Cundinamarca - Soacha

What does Ekoducha H2o+ do?

With the objective of propitiating, promoting and strengthening good environmental and social practices Ekoducha H2O+ strives for the reutilization of gray waters which constitutes a solution towards saving of drinking water. Improving the conditions of recuperating and extracting gray waters from showers; this systems collects water which is thrown out from showers when we bathe and is reused to employ in other activities, such as provision of sanitation batteries.

What impact does Ekoduchas H2O+ generate?

Ekoduchas will undoubtedly be a reference of sustainability to promote advice on water and plastics to achieve a consciousness for changes in attitude in the culture of water saving and circular economy, in the framework of the Objectives of Sustainable Development 2030 of the United Nations.

With this project we take on the challenge of the cycle of water, training the population and pointing them towards what UN Water defines as “factor of disgust or repulsion” regarding recycling of residual waters and its re-use, so that they constitute a useful contribution to the circular economy, to the preservation of water and the adaptation to climate change with environmental, social and economic benefits.

How has RECON supported Ekoducha H2O+?

With promotion on social media and on the RECON Platform.