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Valle del Cauca - Cali

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

Educambio creates high quality educational opportunities and tools for social and sustainable construction in Colombia. Collect used or unused books, notebooks and sheets and with these, develop your intervention programs, or mechanisms of action.

We use 6 mechanisms of socio-environmental intervention: Sale of ecological notebooks; Creation and donation of recycled notebooks (children and youth of communes 3,15,18,20 in Cali); Reuse of books and libraries In communes 3,18 and 20 in Cali and in 4 Municipalities of the Colombian Pacific Sector; Recycling chains (recyclers from Cali); Workshops and scholarships.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

Believe that a Colombia is possible where all children have the opportunity to grow with high quality education, regardless of their condition and location. A society where garbage is not a problem, if not thousands of opportunities.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

Education intervenes in different ways reality, complementary to each other, and in doing so transforms routines and habits of different communities and companies in a positive and lasting way. It promotes quality education and creates cultures of sustainability through the circular economy.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

A change of collective consciousness, where the benefit of common interest, prevails over its own, and that education is the most beautiful social enterprise in Colombia and the World.

We create a culture of inclusion, recycling, and education for all. We show the final consumer that he has the power to choose and that the social is the best option. Thus we generate economic, environmental and social growth, always interdependent with the mission ahead.