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Digital Access for All

Tecnología y comunicaciones
Antioquia - Medellín

What is digital-technological access for all?

It is a foundation which creates home aids, at low cost, for people in a condition of disability, and via tutorials and training teaches how to create these solutions with easily found elements from the local environment, generating methodologies and open- contents to promote true inclusion for people with disability and for elderly adults, overcoming high cost barriers of commercial solutions and the barrier of lack of information.

How has RECON supported this project?

It was one of the 18 finalists of the RECON 2017 contest, and thus obtained participation in two training courses: The first was in Value Transformation with the Dalai Lama Center of MIT, the second was for the strengthening of the social business model, training which was in charge of Impact Hub, Athena and RECON.

Furthermore, it has been seen on the RECON platform and other media such as El Tiempo, El Espectador, amongst others.