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COOPMENTE Coperative

Cultura de paz y derechos humanos
Bogotá D.C. -

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

Coopmente is a model of social transformation that gives value to the needs and abilities of people, reinvesting the benefits generated in society. In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals have been promoted by several countries around the world to fight to reduce poverty levels, inequalities and climate change. There are 17 objectives and the number 8 advocates for an inclusive, sustainable economy and decent employment for all people.

Challenging this crisis and in the midst of a world that fights intensely for social inclusion and equity, the Coopmente Multiactive Cooperative was born in 2013, demonstrating that an ALTERNATIVE social organization is possible, which goes from the individual to the collective, in an environment from competitive markets.

Innovative models are needed in both practices and services that generate results that are reflected in the daily lives of people with disabilities. The service model aimed at favoring the quality of life of COOPMENTE associates is based on the 8 dimensions of quality of life developed by Shalock and Verdugo, who define the quality of life as “a concept identified with the movement forward, innovation and change in professional practices and services, allowing to promote actions at the level of the person, the organization and the social system ”. The quality of life then translates into a conceptual change of that daily task, based on aspects focused on the context, beyond the limitations of the person.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

COOPMENTE is a social organization of 31 young people with intellectual disabilities and their families, aimed at strengthening the quality of life of their associates, serving as a platform for productive business units.

In COOPMENTE we are worried about the panorama of growing poverty and inequality in the distribution of income, but they also worry about the weaknesses of the planet that makes the “development” model unsustainable. According to this, the need arises to offer an alternative for our historically segregated population, and in that sense the cooperative organization is a possibility to rethink the development model, from a project that resignifies the human and invites the meeting and coexistence of the different Economy actors.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

The role of our young people in the ESS and especially in COOPMENTE, is fundamental for sustainability, since it denotes that youth needs alternatives, mobilizes, shows outrage at the current state of affairs, and not only refuses to accept it but is able to organize to make these alternatives so utopian, a reality.

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

We dream that every day, people understand that disability is a social problem, and that as long as society understands it, barriers and gaps will diminish. We want the population to have access to decent work.