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Antioquia - Medellín

Description of Social Entrepreneurship

TIME BANK is a disruptive human and technological mechanism, which improves trust as the basis of social capital among the Groups of interest that make up the Creative and Cultural Sector of the country, involving the actors involved in the generation of collaborative models in each of their fields of work.

Through a web platform and a training methodology we foster the collaborative non-profit economy, that is, the exchange includes time and talent as indispensable elements. We rely on the universe of peer-to-peer services, changing the focus of human relationships, creating communities that freely exchange their talents, interests, passions and where the currency is time and not money.

With the digitalization of TIME in collaborative exchanges –coworking-, we will guarantee governance, transparency and sufficient traceability, allowing progress in the adoption of a social currency (Timecoin), generating A PARALLEL ECONOMY with a savings and reward scheme for those organizations that advance and participate in cultural actions.

Given the accelerated growth of the Collaborative Economy (EC) platforms worldwide, it is not risky to state that, in order to join the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Latin America needs strategic interventions specifically focused on promoting indigenous entrepreneurship of EC, which through policies Timely public and regulation that allows markets to open to digital initiatives, can take advantage of business opportunities so that it is not only consolidated as a consumer market but also for entrepreneurship in the field of EC.

What led you to create your Social Entrepreneurship?

In more than 15 years leading projects in the music, communication and design sector, and more than 7 years promoting the development of Time Banks, we have been able to show how Confidence and the development of social capital are decreasing in Latin America increasingly, being key ingredients to explain a wide variety of socio-economic phenomena such as economic growth, human capital and innovation, among others.

The low credibility and low predisposition to the collaborative work of the actors of the creative sector demand the generation of reliable environments of trust, collaboration and commitment that allow projects to be launched based on mobility actions that connect different environments.

In Latin America, unlike other sectors in the economy, Creative Industries does not have enough detailed statistical information, which makes it very difficult to have a complete measurement of the sector’s performance. In addition there is a great social exclusion and inequality, a low level of productivity, innovation and lagged economic integration, primarily in facilitating and increasing the impact of artistic and folkloric activities, and the development of entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sector.

How does your Social Entrepreneurship impact your community?

We benefit the Culture ecosystem with a unique and unique platform that makes it easier and faster to find and access common resources and participate in local, national and / or international creative initiatives, creating a sense of community identity given the interaction between community members

What do you dream of happening with your Social Entrepreneurship?

All our efforts are focused on becoming the most important Collaborative Economy Platform in the country and in Latin America.

We are currently redesigning the functionalities of the site, by 2020 we will be implementing Timecoin in blockchain technology, this step leads us to dream of becoming the benchmark Time Bank worldwide generating a PARALLEL ECONOMY that offers more and better alternatives to society in general, and to the social and economic development of our continent.