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Emprendimiento y generación de empleo
Boyacá - Toca

What does Comproagro do?

Comproagro eliminates intermediaries in the process of buying and selling agricultural produce, improving quality of life of farmers. They give an added value, and employment is generated for single mothers, improving income and thus improving the quality of life of their children.

What impact does Compoagro generate?

It generates employment in over 20 women, buys agricultural produce from more than 60 rural families of Boyacá, paying them a fair price for their products.

How has RECON supported Compoagro?

The initiative was the winner in the RECON 2016 contest in the category Entrepreneurship and Jobs Generation. It received a seed capital of $5.000.000. RECON helped in securing an alliance with Grupo Éxito so that the biggest chain of supermarkets of the country buys the products of Comproagro to sell in its stores, at the national level, providing advice so that farmers can produce according to the needs of the market, to allow for sustainability of this initiative. Currently they sell 6 tons of weekly produce worth around 12 million pesos.

Furthermore, it has been seen on the RECON platform and other media such as El Tiempo, El Espectador, Caracol Televisión amongst others.