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Collective Brand Fishing and Aquaculture

Emprendimiento y generación de empleo
Bolívar - Cartagena

What is Collective Brand Fishing and Aquaculture?

Collective Brand Fishing and Aquaculture is an initiative by the fishing communities of two municipalities of Bolívar: Cartagena and Santa Catalina, and a municipality in Atlántico, Luruaco, so that they constitute themselves as fishing associations. They created a fishing and aquaculture corporation, with the help of universities and SENA in training alliances.

They managed to have Cotelco and Asotelca participate in the board of directors of the Fishing Collection Center of Cartagena, as a location of entrepreneurship, jobs generation and sales without intermediaries. Everyone’s dream is that the places mentioned have their own fishing collection center. Some already have a property and others are getting properties, and thus organizing as a company to benefit from the collective brand and to position themselves as having quality regarding restaurants and hotels in Cartagena.

What impact does Collective Brand Fishing and Aquaculture generate?

This is an inclusive project, of participative democracy, a peace and reconciliation and environment protection initiative. Empowering fishing people and involving women too in the process of commercialization. In 7 years they have managed to generate an impact in 6 municipalities. The promotion of the fishing associations has generated 60 associations and a fisher’s network with 50 associations in Cartagena.

How has RECON supported Collective Brand Fishing and Aquaculture?

It has given the project promotion via the RECON platform.