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Chocó to dance

Chocó - Quibdo

What is Chocó to dance?

It is a project of the Juan Pablo Gutiérrez Cáceres Foundation, which begins in 2007, with the aim of giving postgraduate scholarships to Colombian youth of lower income. With the aim of receiving resources, the Foundation created a digital platform in 2016: Chocó to Dance (

Chocó to dance, is an online dance academy in which youth from Chocó teach the world how to dance and users have the opportunity to exchange “education for education”. You dance, and youth get an education. This project consists of an online dance academy, which offers dance lessons in four genres (champeta, salsa, reggaeton and salsa choke) given by Chocó youth at a rate of USD $9.99 for four months.

What is the impact of Chocó to dance?

This platform has received over $52 million pesos and has given 24 scholarships to youth in Quibdó, Buenaventura and Medellín. Currently the Foundation has an agreement with the main universities of the country and 346 scholarships have been given and 184 students have graduated.

How has RECON supported Chocó to dance?

With promotion on social media and on the RECON Platform.